Brighter Days ahead

Welcome Back Returning Customers!


Good payment history with Bright Lending can earn you discounted rates and additional funds on your next loan. Qualified returning customers may borrow up to $2,000. Read on to learn more about the Bright Lending VIP Loan Program for returning customers.


    As a Bright Lending returning customer, you may qualify for the Bright Lending VIP Loan Program. The program rewards customers with a good payment history on their first loan. The Bright VIP Treatment includes:

    • Increased loan amount – borrow up to $2,000
    • Discounted rate as compared to a new customer loan
    • Lower payment than on your new customer loan if you borrow the same amount and keep the same pay frequency

    You must meet certain underwriting requirements to be a Bright VIP or VIP Gold Customer.


    Your first scheduled loan payment will be at a minimum 7 days from your funding date.

    The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculation in the examples below is an estimate. It may vary slightly based upon your pay frequency and repayment term. Loans in excess of $1000 receive a 12 month repayment term. Loans up to $1,000 are for a 10 month term. The cost of your credit will be clearly disclosed to you in terms of dollar amount of finance charges and the APR according to the principles of Federal Truth in Lending regulations.

    Always refer to your signed loan agreement contract for details of your loan. The examples in the next section are for illustrative purposes only.

    If a payment is 5 days late a charge equal to 10% of the payment due will be applied. Also, a non-sufficient funds/returned item fee of $30 may be applied.


    In most cases your funds will be direct deposited via ACH to your bank account on the next business day.


    Your first scheduled payment and last scheduled payment listed on your contract may vary. This is due to the number of days before first scheduled payment and then the principal balance outstanding at time of last scheduled payment. The example below reflects a 10-month repayment term. If you borrow in excess of $1,000, your term will be 12 months. For all account and balance inquiries visit our self-service portal by clicking on My Account.


    The returning customer payment examples below illustrate what you would pay for a 10-month term loan of $500. If you borrow in excess of $1,000, your loan term will be 12-months. In this case, your savings will vary from the examples below.

    If you make additional payments, your life of loan savings could increase.  We encourage customers to pay more than the contracted payment amount and pay back their loan as soon as possible to reduce the amount of finance charges.

    Bright Lending also rewards applicants who choose automatic payments (via ACH) over payments mailed directly to us. If you choose ACH, we reduce your APR by 25 percentage points.


    $500 Loan Paid Bi-Weekly
    10-Month term
    21 Bi-Weekly Payments of $121.51
    625% APR

    VIP Gold – Manual Payment

    $500 Loan Paid Bi-Weekly
    10-Month Term
    21 Bi-Weekly Payments of $103.13
    525% APR

    VIP – Automatic PAYMENT

    $500 Loan Paid Bi-Weekly
    10-Month Term
    21 Bi-Weekly Payments of $116.88
    600% APR

    $4.63 – Payment Savings With Auto Pay

    $97.23 – Life of Loan Savings with Auto Pay

    VIP Gold – Automatic Payment

    $500 Loan Paid Bi-Weekly
    10-Month Term
    21 Bi-Weekly Payments of $98.61
    500% APR

    $4.52 – Payment Savings With Auto Pay

    $94.92 – Life of Loan Savings with Auto Pay